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Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. Just as force is what causes an object to accelerate in linear kinematics, torque is what causes an object to acquire angular acceleration. Torque is a vector quantity. The direction of the torque vector depends on the direction of the force on the axis.

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Torque and moment in the US mechanical engineering terminology. In US mechanical engineering, torque is defined mathematically as the rate of change of angular momentum of an object (in physics it is called "net torque"). The definition of torque states that one or both of the angular velocity or the moment of inertia of an object are changing.

What Is Torque? - Definition, Formula, Symbol, Unit, Examples

Torque is the twisting force that tends to cause rotation. It is the measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate. Visit to learn how to calculate torque along with its formula, meaning and applications.

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Torque definition is - a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion; also : a measure of the effectiveness of such a force that consists of the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the axis of rotation.

Torque in Physics: Definition and Examples

Torque (also known as moment, or moment of force) is the tendency of a force to cause or change the rotational motion of a body. It is a twist or turning force on an object. Torque is calculated by multiplying force and distance. It is a vector quantity, meaning it has both a direction and a magnitude. Either the angular velocity for the moment ...

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Torque: Directed by Joseph Kahn. With John Ashker, Max Beesley, Dane Cook, Ice Cube. A biker returns from Thailand to set things straight with his girlfriend. One gang leader wants him for delivery of 2 motorbikes filled with crystal meth and another gang leader wants him for murdering his brother.